This Agreement implies equality of natural persons, where both parties agree to being and doing those things contributing to the health and happiness of each other.
    The parties enter into this Agreement and ratify same by attesting to all points listed herein through their respective signatures, duly witnessed, and are in agreement with the specified definitions and schedules as described and hereto attached being part of this entire Agreement.
    The real and personal property of ??? as listed in Schedule A, and the real and personal property of ??? shall remain the sole and exclusive property of these respective persons throughout the relationship, and upon death, according to the will of the testator as in Schedule B, and/or, as may be amended by the testator; likewise, all real and personal property acquired by each party after the ratification of this Agreement by signing; likewise all inherited real and personal property; likewise all property received as damages; likewise all gifts from whatever source.
LIVING PREMISES: The lands and premises described in Schedule C, and presently registered in the name of the (he or she) shall be used as the main home, but shall remain the exclusive property of the ?? at all times. The parties shall share equally in all expenses relating to their mutual living premises,  including financial encumbrances, taxes, upkeep, maintenance and utilities, etc. It is the responsibility of both parties to duly care for, clean and maintain their mutual home in a such high standards and that state of being acceptable to both parties.
    In the event of sale, the amount of the present net equity shall be paid to the ?? partner to this Agreement. The ?? partner to this Agreement shall forthwith pay to the ?? partner to this Agreement 1/2 of any resulting gain, and the ?? shall forthwith pay to the ?? any resulting loss.
HOUSEHOLD EXPENSES: Household and living expenses include food, household goods, furniture, appliances, holiday expense. The parties shall pay their share of the household and living expenses into a joint account to be used by either of them for purposes set out in this clause.
    Each of the parties is at all times responsible for maintaining himself or herself, there being no expenses or implied agreement that either party has any responsibility and/or obligation to maintain the other party in whole or in part.
ESTATES: Subject to the provision of this Agreement, neither party will claim any interest in the estate of the other except as specifically provided by will, or in the case of testacy, as specifically provided for by the laws of the governing jurisdiction relating to the estate's succession.
ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties and supersedes all previous communications, representations and agreements, whether verbal or written between the parties with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement.
SEVERABILITY: The invalidity of any part of any clause or any sub clause of this Agreement shall not affect any other clause or sub clause of this Agreement, but this Agreement shall be construed as if such invalid clause or sub clause were omitted.
APPLICABLE LAW: This Agreement is made pursuant to the laws of ???. It shall be interpreted pursuant  to the laws of the ??? and the jurisdiction for adjudication related to this Agreement shall be the Superior Court of the ???. Each of the parties is domiciled and resident in (state) on the date and signing of this Agreement.
HEIRS AND PERSONAL PROPERTY: This Agreement shall be binding upon the heirs and executors and administrators of the parties to this Agreement who shall do all things necessary for the purpose of carrying out the terms of this Agreement as may be applicable.
LEGAL ADVICE, DISCLOSURE AND FAIR AGREEMENT: Each party acknowledges that he or she: i) understands his or her responsible rights and obligations under this Agreement; ii) is signing this Agreement voluntarily with sound mind as also attested by the witnesses signing this Agreement in the presence of the parties to this Agreement; iii) has made full disclosure of his or her respective financial circumstances, sharing obligations as outlined by the statements contained in  Schedule D to this Agreement; iv) believes that the provisions of this Agreement adequately discharge the present and future responsibilities of the parties to one another and that the contract will not result in circumstances that are unconscionable or unfair to either party.
AMENDMENTS: This Agreement may be amended only by written Agreement between the parties witnessed by at least one other person, and is in effect until after 14 days notice by either party to terminate it.

Signed at ____________________________ this _______ day of _____________ 200-.



Initials of signatories ___________  ___________  and witnesses ___________  ___________

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Definitions for the sake of the Agreement to which this is attached. Based upon Webster's Dictionary.

Cherish: to hold dear; feel or show affection for; to keep or cultivate with care and affection; nurture; to entertain or harbor in the mind deeply and resolutely.
Honor: to hold and maintain another in good name, public esteem and reputation; a showing of merited respect and recognition.
Injunction: the act or an instance of enjoining (to direct or impose by authoritative order or with urgent admonition); order; admonition.
Love: a rapport developed from interactions towards the furtherance of a happy relationship.
Privilege: a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor.
Schedule: a written document; a statement of supplementary details appended to a legal or legislative document; a written or printed list, catalog, or inventory.

 (Insert as necessary)

(Insert as necessary)

(Insert as necessary)

(Adjust as necessary)

1) Each party to this Agreement agrees to love, cherish and honor the other in a manner consistent with necessary considerations and concerns to further the positive aspects of the relationship this Agreement defines. It is hereby agreed that in the event of disputes having led to issues that are not resolvable that the following individuals (insert names of agreed upon combination of 2 people (preferably older a mom and dad, grandmother, granddad, uncles, aunts, etc.; a couple in whom you both trust, perhaps one from each family, etc.) will be consulted, whose advice each of us agree to follow.
2) Each party agrees to abide by the injunction of sexual compliance pleasing to the other party to this Agreement.
3) Each party to this Agreement has fully disclosed any and all medical conditions to the other party.
4) Both parties agree that time will be of the essence in the furthering of all matters of potential impact to their relationship.