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T h e K e y to.everything.you wantRe a l l y ! 

...and, after that, come back here for a way to heal the criminally insane, and the rest of us who are all insane in some area in our life – Ha ha!  (when here, scroll to the bottom to the print in yellow background – it'll blow your mind!) And for more of what one can do with the power of the universe – energy to start fire from your hands)

...the amazing results of a healing painting
...and – ever laughed this hard?

-Say goodbye to crib death (SIDS) (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
-Coming in a few years: Freely produced renewable energy, out of 'thin air'; to heat and power your home, vehicle, cell phone..you name it? 

-Straightening up society – where to start

-Why children kill

-Breeding killers and children born good?

-How to be sure your children are blessed

-Two little girls of the forgotten children of the world

-How can I circumvent homosexual tendencies from developing in my child?

-Does God have problems? Or, your secret advantage!

-Very important to believe this if you want to be blessed and prosper

-A few really, really good movies

-For cryin' out loud, be careful in life

-Like to shower or hot tub it?

-How would you know if someone really loves you?

-How big is God? (and if you want to know His size?)

-Evolutionary theory irreparably damaged and therefore relegated to the scrapheap of dead fables

-Never mind about the con job of global warming ... 

-Sun gazing..a new way of health maintenance and getting rid of depression and psychosis

-What's not worth it?

-In your prime of life?

-Old Testament:.Why take only some parts of it for use as guidelines today?

-The thing that turned the world upside down

-Choose a corporation with high values

-What about paying wages?

-Bermuda Triangle problems fixed (you haven't heard any more have you?)

-The only 'rights' you have

-The solution to insomnia

-Master four major areas and most of life's problems are gone

-How to be as attractive as you possibly can be

-Women men should avoid and men women should avoid

-Rate-A-Mate (or, a potential one)

-Looking for a mate? And what if there are, say, 4 persons who seem to fit?

-If I don't now like my face and body, in the resurrection, can I change it?

-And what about loving too much?

-'Really Nice Guy' No thanks! Lost keys to the heart discovered

-Dealing with individuals who may not like you

-George Carlin revaluates life

-A way to keep familiarity from eroding relationships

-Why did God let little Timmy die? And, is he in Jesus' arms or not (or, what we can do to get him there after he's dead)?
-Increasing intelligence.really!

-Know anybody who's crazy?

-Discouraged? Now, you rest!

-The myth of over population

-A key to loyalty

-A key to avoiding suicide

-Severe illnesses eradicated

-Can someone place an effective curse on you?

-The way of death

-The inappreciably understood significant events of 70 A.D. that were to wrest the old covenant from existence and usher in a brand new covenant..extremely important for Christians to comprehend if they have questions regarding Christ's second coming, the great tribulation, etc.

-God says He creates evil. Why?

-Question from 'Questions We May Have' about about gangs

-Live view of the Earth from a satellite you select

-What really was Adam's sin? Is it what religion tells us today about all the things you've heard are sin? Adam had no one to hate and hurt (except the only other person on Earth then – his partner Eve); he had no alcohol, no drugs, no cigarettes, no money around to embezzle, and none other he could deceive and take selfish advantage of. Did he stuff himself like a pig? Probably not. Did he not like the other being he knew back then before Eve – God? No. What then really was Adam's sin?

-Interested in the wonders of your back garden?

-Lord Of The Rings trilogy

-Into a physical body we came

-The special high order of the ever living line of Melchisedec

-Jesus – About Him

-Where is hell?

-Tell God you hate Him, if you do, and tell Him why

-A trick of the devil is, above all other tricks, to get you against yourself

-They're big! It's gross! It's true! And you've unknowingly eaten a few by now! Perhaps, you had better not read this, or you may not sleep well! Ha ha!

-God loves you, and as Robbie Williams' song says "whether you're right or wrong"

-Why some people have no sense of feeling toward others

-A key for staying in power and position

-How to bring up an intelligent child (don't read this if you're a 'dumb ass' parent!)

-The deadly comfortable 'Christian' who unknowingly may be anti-Christ

-Organizations that could use help; poor children of India

-Proof of the resurrection of Jesus Christ

-Why are we here?

-Does God exist?

-Proof of the Bible

-The most important thing you can do to benefit yourself

-Women to emulate

-Who would you want working on the plane you were to fly on?

-Before signing the contract

-Fox's Book of Martyrs.This book is an enduring great English classic. Next to the Bible itself, no other book so intensely influenced early Protestant convictions throughout the world as.The Book of Martyrs, a history of the lives, sufferings and triumphant deaths of the early Christian and the Protestant martyrs.
    "Even in our time it is still a living force. It is more than a record of persecution. It is an arsenal of controversy, a storehouse of romance, as well as a source of edification."

..James Miller Dodds, English Prose.
"When one recollects that until the appearance of the.Pilgrim’s Progress, the common people had almost no other reading matter except the.Bible.and.Fox’s Book of Martyrs, we can understand the deep impression that this book produced and how it served to mold the national character. 
...Douglas Campbell.The Puritan in Holland, England and America.

-What about giving to bums who accost you on the street?

-Are drugs like marijuana ok, since God created the herbs with seeds and called them good?

-Thinking about abortion?

-The cause of wars and way to peace, and why God doesn't intervene to stop all the heartache

-A sure way for your nation to have the presence of God. None can overtake it then!

-Tried affirmations?

-Get it outta dah wata!

-Many well meaning praise filled churches need wisdom

-Do brainstorming? Got a wild and crazy idea? So did Jacob

-A way to solve negotiation stumbling blocks

-A direction pointer toward solving problems now being tackled in order to produce quantum computing power

-Why biotechnology (specifically, genetically modified food) is a step backward

God is brilliantly pure, holy, righteous, and extremely powerful. Anything not as pure, not as holy,
and not as righteous as He is, dies in His presence.
So how then can He dwell in 'imperfect' us?

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